Current Projects


Portable Solar Generator

This little beauty is used just as one would use a small gasoline or diesel-powered generator, but our Portable Solar Generator is transported by bicycle and powered by the sun!

The fun part is not only in building the solar panels and energy trailer, but in finding uses for the energy we produce! We plan to use the solar energy we harness to power outdoor film screenings, small concerts and other events. What’s great is that we now have the capability to use the solar energy to power the soldering guns and other tools to build more solar panels!

If you’ve got any great ideas, events or projects that could use a little bit of solar energy, let us know!

Solar Panels


We design and build our own solar panels to power our projects. The solar panels we’ve built so far each have about 40 Watts of generating capacity (about the amount of power a laptop or small stereo). With every panel we build, we increase the amount of power generation to put to our batteries.

We’ve created our very own solar panel recipe to build affordable, durable solar panels from photovoltaic cells, plexiglass, aluminum, resin and used bicycle inner tubes.

Energy Storage Trailer935344_559192750770972_1682639967_n

This trailer provides a cozy home for our battery and electronic components that ensure we’re able to store and use the electricity being generated by the solar panels. With our new fancy inverter, we are able to plug into the solar energy, just as you would plug into the wall!